2024 Summer Programs

Teen Wilderness Trek 2024

When: July 21-August 4, 2024

Locations: Longmont, CO and Boulder, UT

Cost: $2750

Who: teens 14-18 seeking adventure

This is a rigorous two week overnight program for students 14-18 years old. The first week will be spent camping at Fire Willow Farm. This week is devoted to developing a foundation of primitive and outdoor skills relevant to the trek, as well as gaining comfort with sleeping and cooking outside, and connecting as a tribe. We will wake up early, go on runs and do physical fitness workouts. We will cook together, clean up together, go swimming, and sing by the fire. We will be challenging participants to quickly become comfortable with fire making, knots, and other skills necessary for the trek. Over the week we will slowly wean ourselves away from sleeping bags and pads to be ready for sleeping with minimalist gear in the wilderness.

Phase two is a wilderness trek. We will drive together to Boulder UT, teaming up with our friends at Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS), and embark on a weeklong quest. Students will carry their gear in a simple blanket roll, and sleep in natural or poncho shelters. We will focus on land navigation, finding and treating water, finding wild food, and living deep in nature. We will explore epic desert and mountainous landscapes, all the while learning positive impact principles and wilderness skills. This will be physically rigorous and demanding yet very approachable with a good attitude and adventurous spirit. We do recommend that students focus on some baseline physical fitness in the months leading up to the expedition. Running, long hikes, jump rope, athletic activities.

To apply, please email [email protected] for an application. Non- current Laughing Coyote students will also be asked to have an interview with the Laughing Coyote instructors.

*There will be no youth summer camps scheduled for 2024