Summer Camps

Our Camp Themes

All of our camps are designed to balance practical education with character development, but each camp is focused on a particular skill to ignite the imagination and provide context for learning. Check out some of our past themes below:

Youth Bushcraft

Walking into the natural world, the Bushcrafters are at home, feeling at ease upon the landscape. They engineer shelters, conjure fire, and craft their tools from their surroundings. In this camp, small clans will build a village, learning the creativity that is a Bushcrafter’s most valuable tool, as well as learn the skills of barter and trade for materials. Games will be used to settle disputes, and the door to adventure in the wilderness will be opened. 

Teen Bushcraft

In this camp participants will hone the science and skills of shelter building, fire craft, cooking rigs, and creativity essential to true Bushcraft.

Youth Earth Living Skills

Campers will begin their journey into Earth Living Skills. A large part of each day will be spent focusing on Ancestral skills, working with stone, bone, shell, wood and fiber. We will also be playing signature Laughing Coyote games and spending time cooling off in the pond. Every year Skills Day Camp offers unique projects, so returning campers will be learning different skills each year.

Teen Earth Living Skills

The Advanced Skills day camp is where campers can jump into Earth Skills in earnest. Campers will practice friction fire, fiber-craft, containers, tools and projectiles, as well as play games.

Youth Scout Skills

The scouts were the eyes and ears of every tribe. Awareness, tracking, and invisibility were mandatory skills for their survival and the protection of their people. In this exciting camp we will explore the many facets of scout skills, and invisibility. We will practice camouflage, stalking, animal forms, awareness expanding activities and scout games.

Teen Scout Skills

For those campers who wish to take their scout skills to the next level. We will cover earth-camouflage, stalking and movement, games, and enter the world of Shadow Scouting.

Teen Basket Weaving

This three day camp will focus on the magical technique of twining baskets. We will use several different materials found on our farm. This will be a small, intimate group working closely with head instructor Gelsomina Malferrari. If you love working with your hands with natural materials, this is the camp for you. 

Teen Archery

Archery is a powerful skill stretching back into the mists of human history. In this three day camp we will immerse ourselves in the many facets of traditional archery, working on technique, inner skills of focus, as well as the fitness of mind and body needed in hunting.

Counselors in Training

Counselors in Training (CIT’s) have an opportunity to participate in camp life, as well as develop leadership skills. We expect a positive working attitude, as well as an understanding that you serve as a role model to the rest of the campers. CITs are responsible for helping with set-up, clean up, monitoring games, skills and pond-time, as well as participating in camp. Whenever possible we try to give CITs instruction in new skills, but the first responsibility is to the rest of the camp, so it is great to be working on projects while being prepared to put them down whenever needed by a camper or instructor.

Want to learn more?

Please feel free to send over any questions: we love sharing our educational philosophy, programs, and skills. And we hope to see you around the farm in Boulder County’s beautiful Colorado landscape.

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