2023 Summer Programs

Wilderness Scout Camp

For teens seeking adventure this summer, join Laughing Coyote for our Wilderness Scout Camp. At this overnight program, participants will learn the essentials of minimalist backcountry travel, such as blanket packs, tarp shelters, and navigation. We will set up simple base camps, learning the area and woodcraft. Then, the last couple of days will be spent in an all out Scout Game, practicing camouflage, awareness, stalking, evasion and ambush tactics. Be prepared for an action packed week of wilderness and epic stories in the making.

When: July 17-21

Where: Wilderness Camp near Rollinsville, CO

Who: Teens 13-18 (current Laughing Coyote 12 year old’s may apply)

Cost: $1000.00

Family Overnight Camp

We are excited to announce our first Annual Family Overnight Camp! This is a family-friendly gathering dedicated to sharing ancestral skills, developing community, and connecting through outdoor living. Classes and workshops will be taught each day by Laughing Coyote instructors, games will be organized, songs will be sung. Breakfast and dinner will be provided. 

This is an opportunity for the entire family to connect through ancestral living skills and games while living outside together in a small tribe.

When: August 3-6

Where: Fire Willow Farm (Longmont)

Who: Families


Adults $300
Children 8-17 $150
Children 0-7 $50

Teen Wilderness Trek

This is an application based program. To request an application please contact us!

Our flagship wilderness expedition for teens. Week one is spent at Fire Willow Farm, the Laughing Coyote stomping grounds near Longmont, CO. Participants will sleep outside, cook on the fire, and learn many foundational primitive and bushcraft skills. Then the group will head out to the wilderness for a weeklong backcountry expedition. The wilderness portion is a minimalist adventure, learning to thrive with simple gear using creativity and teamwork, and exploring deep into stunning country. Navigation, wild foods, finding water, campcraft and more will be covered. 

When: June 18th – July 1st

Cost: $2,750.00 (includes all food and transportation)

Who: Co-ed 14-18 year-olds

Where: Fire Willow Farm, Longmont, CO and Wilderness TBA