Teen Wilderness Trek

This is a rigorous two week overnight program for students 14-18 years old. The first week will be spent camping at Fire Willow Farm. This week is devoted to developing a foundation of primitive and outdoor skills relevant to the trek, as well as gaining comfort with sleeping and cooking outside, and connecting as a tribe. We will wake up early, go on runs and do physical fitness workouts. We will cook together, clean up together, go swimming, and sing by the fire. We will be challenging participants to quickly become comfortable with fire making, knots, and other skills necessary for the trek. Over the week we will slowly wean ourselves away from sleeping bags and pads to be ready for sleeping with minimalist gear in the wilderness.

Phase two is a wilderness trek. We will drive together to some epic country, and embark on a weeklong quest. Students will carry their gear in a simple blanket roll, and sleep in natural or poncho shelters. We will focus on land navigation, finding and treating water, finding wild food, and living deep in nature. This will be physically rigorous and demanding yet very approachable with a good attitude and adventurous spirit. We do recommend that students focus on some baseline physical fitness in the months leading up to the expedition. Running, long hikes, jump rope, athletic activities.


June 18: Participants arrive at Fire Willow Farm near Longmont at 9am.

June 18-22: Homesteading phase. 

June 23: Drive to wilderness location

June 24-29: Wilderness Trek

June 30: Drive back to Fire Willow Farm, to meet parents for a Potluck and Celebration. 

Participants are asked to be present and immersed for the entire two week period, so we can focus on group dynamics and have the space for a transformational experience. There will be no leaving and returning during the course of the program.

This is an alcohol, recreational drug, tobacco and nicotine free course. To encourage group cohesion and limit exclusive relationships, there will be no sexual contact during this course. Violation of these policies is grounds for immediate expulsion. 

St. Croix Teen Expedition 2024

Dates: January 3-January 18, 2024

Ages: 14+

Cost: $3500

Maximum 6 students

Each winter, a tropical adventure awaits. The tropical island of St Croix beckons an
intrepid group of teens and Laughing Coyote instructors to explore its jungles and
oceans, learning new skills and applying them to a new environment.

Our St Croix Expedition is a two-week adventure to the US Virgin Islands. We camp
at Mt Victory Camp with our friends Matt and Carmen Corradino of Caribbean
Earthskills, learning from them and the land. Skills may include primitive fish
spears, friction fire, coconut palm weaving, free diving, bamboo craft, and edible
plants. We will spend several days building and creating new tools from the
landscape, then head out on a multi day tropical survival trek in the jungle. Once we
return, we will focus on free diving and exploring the ocean and beaches of St. Croix.

This is a small, intimate expedition. At camp we cook together, sing songs, explore
vibrant produce from the local farmers market, and experience the island culture.
Our survival trek will use very minimal gear, and focus on coastal foraging.
Space very limited, to request an application please email
[email protected].

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