Skills Workshops

Over the course of this year we offer adult specific workshops and courses. This is one of our greatest passions, to share the skills to empower our community to become more engaged in food, crafting with our hands, and connecting to wilderness.

Bushcraft Basics: Knife Skills

Date: 10/2/21
Time: 9am – noon
Cost: $75
The foundation of almost all primitive and bushcraft skills is learning to skillfully use a cutting edge. Many of our workshops require intermediate level knife skills, and this workshop is a place to learn and practice these techniques. Through a series of projects, participants will learn a variety of knife cuts, holds, batoning techniques and sharpening, transforming a sheath knife into the most versatile tool. Students will make feather sticks, pothook, try sticks, and other projects.

Friction Fire

Date: 10/16/21
Time: 9am-3pm
Cost: $150
Friction fire is the doorway to primitive skills. This is one of the most inspiring skills that we teach, and still after years of practice, one that retains its magic. Over the course of this one day workshops, students will carve their own bowdrill kit, learn the principles of tinder bundles, and various fire lays.
Prerequisite: intermediate knife skills. Experience whittling, our Knife Skills course, or equivalent.

Primitive Traps

Date: 10/30/21
Time: 9am-3pm
Cost: $150
Traps are essential to wilderness living and thriving. Building and maintaining a trap line is also the ability to hunt in multiple locations at the same time. In this one day workshop, students will learn a couple of the most reliable and successful traps, learning deadfalls and snares. Location, sign tracking and bait will also be covered.
Prerequisite: intermediate knife skills. Experience whittling, our Knife Skills course, or equivalent.


Date: 11/6/21
Time: 9am-5pm
Cost: $150
The atlatl is one of the most elegant and exciting weapon systems used by our ancestors. Found on every continent, it was used to hunt animals as diverse as mammoth to seals to trout to kangaroos. In this one day workshop, students will learn to make a Basketmaker style atlatl from the Southwest, and darts to match. This is a full day filled with using a variety of tools and techniques.
Prerequisite: intermediate knife skills. Experience whittling, our Knife Skills course, or equivalent.

General Workshop Information

Adult workshops are for participants 15 years of age and above. If it is necessary to bring your child/children to the course, they are welcome, but we will have no childcare provided and you will need to be responsible for them throughout the program. You are welcome to work on your project with your child, however, realize that the instruction will be geared towards an adult audience and many of the courses require high levels of coordination, strength, and attention. If you are looking to do a workshop with your family or children, we would recommend setting up a custom workshop. Please see details below.

How to register: In order to reserve your spot, please contact our program coordinator Marni by email and request your course, please also include your full name and phone number. Marni will then provide you with registration forms and payment details. Payment can be made either by check or Venmo and must be received before the course begins. [email protected]

Custom Workshops

The world of primitive skills and bushcraft is vast, and learning the skills is empowering, and fuels inspiration and creativity. If you are interested in setting up a custom workshop with one of our instructors, let us know! Topics can include: friction fire, tracking, primitive weapons, containers, shelter building, cordage, fibrecraft and more! Perfect for individuals, families, friends, or anyone wanting to dive into the world of primitive skills.

One person: $300/day, $150/half day
Semi-private (2-4): $200/person/day, $100/person/half day
5+: Contact us to set up your dream course.
Overnights: $500/night

Want to learn more?

Please feel free to send over any questions: we love sharing our educational philosophy, programs, and skills. And we hope to see you around the farm in Boulder County’s beautiful Colorado landscape.

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