The Homeschool Programs run both Spring and Fall and are at the heart of the Laughing Coyote Project. Students are invited to join us for one to three days a week throughout the traditional school year, and they’re able to learn traditional skills, play games, and practice nature awareness within the context of our supportive community environment.

We work on a variety of projects. Students learn knife skills and safety, fire making, archery, quickie bows and arrows, pottery, primitive traps, tracking, cordage, shelters, edible and medicinal plants, camouflage and stalking, throwing stick and primitive weapons, pitch and hide glue, coal-burned and gourd containers, bone tools, and whatever other skills our curiosity and enthusiasm uncover.

Youth Homeschool Program

The Youth Homeschool Program is a weekly program focusing on primitive and traditional skills, games, and immersion into nature. The skills we work on every year are diverse, with some core skills learned by everyone. Knife skills and safety, fire making and cordage form a foundation.

From there, we have worked on: archery, atlatl, basketry, felting, spinning, friction fire, pottery, traps, slings, bolas, edible plants, primitive cooking, wildlife tracking, netting, earth pigments, bone and antler tools, cattail craft and more. Over the year students develop confidence, forge friendships, and find a connection to nature and the skills of our ancestors.

Teen Homeschool Program

The energy, questioning and growth of the teenage years are met perfectly by intensive earth skills with a strong social component, leadership opportunities and programs designed to expose teens to positive role models. The Laughing Coyote Project Teen Homeschool Program perfectly fills these needs.

This program meets one or two days per week for students ages 13-18. Working closely with instructors, students craft their curriculum, combining personal projects, group projects and work maintaining the Laughing Coyote Site. In the past the teen program has worked on friction fire, bowmaking, primitive pottery, cooking over the fire, shelters, proper tool use and more.

If you are looking for a profound program that will support you teen to forge a personal connection to the natural world and become of member of a close knit modern tribe; learn to develop healthy personal relationship and work with strong role models; to become a vibrant member of a community passionate about living fully, please contact us to answer any questions you may have and set up an interview to be a part of this group.

Want to learn more?

Please feel free to send over any questions: we love sharing our educational philosophy, programs, and skills. And we hope to see you around the farm in Boulder County’s beautiful Colorado landscape.

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