For adults (ages 18+)

Adult Workshops

Over the course of this year we offer adult specific workshops and courses. This is one of our greatest passions, to share the skills to empower our community to become more engaged in food, crafting with our hands, and connecting to wilderness.

Adult Primitive Living Skills

For three days immerse yourself in the skills of our ancestors. We will dive into primitive and traditional living skills and crafts, including friction fire, greenwood spoon carving, containers, burn bowls, cordage, edible plant foraging, fire craft, along with other smaller projects. We will all camp together on Fire Willow Farm, participants will need to provide their own camping gear and food. All materials will be provided. 

Adult Basketry

Baskets remain one of the quintessential human crafts, practiced by cultures around the world. Instructor Gelsomina Malferrari will guide participants in twined baskets with rushes, and then dive into wild willow basketry. In addition to weaving baskets, students will learn about gathering, processing, storing and preparing willow for weaving. 

Adult Hide Tanning

In this workshop we will learn the ancient technique of braintanning, to turn deerskins into soft, luxurious and durable buckskin. Each participant will learn the complete process of tanning, buckskin sewing techniques, and leave with their own hide for beautiful projects. 

Backcountry Trailing Expedition

Join Casey McFarland and Neal Ritter on an epic tracking expedition in the Rocky Mountains. This will be an unforgettable week of tracking in wilderness. Participants will need to be prepared for a physically demanding experience, we will backpack several miles into a base camp, and each day will cover miles, many off trail, in our search for wildlife trails and sign. Each person will be self-sufficient with their own personal backcountry gear, including food, so we can focus our energy on sharing and learning as much as the landscape offers.

This is a course for wildlife enthusiasts, trackers, hunters, photographers and lovers of nature. There will be time to unpack the skills of tracking in trailing in an immersive context, and apply these lessons daily.

Community Skills Share

We have such a rich and enthusiastic community that we would like to bring together and provide a place to share ancestral skills, work on individual projects, make space in our lives for community building and interactions, and enjoy a sense of time richness together on the land.

You can show up for as long as you please. Some months the Skills Share will include events, such as a focus on a specific skill or a potluck.

Families – All family members of all ages are welcome. Parents are asked to accompany their children to this event if their children are under the age of 13. We will provide water and a composting toilet. There are no dogs allowed at this event.

Want to learn more?

Please feel free to send over any questions: we love sharing our educational philosophy, programs, and skills. And we hope to see you around the farm in Boulder County’s beautiful Colorado landscape.

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