Sharing Skills

Sharing skills. Not too long ago, primitive skills were in danger of extinction. A few practitioners were scattered in various locations around the world, working in isolation. Skills such as hand drill, or processing dogbane fibers for cordage were shrouded in mystery. One of the big moments that led earth skills to find a renaissance was groups of people coming together and sharing skills, and experimenting and sharing results. Instead of holding these skills as secrets, they were shared, especially at gatherings such as Rabbitstick (and now many other wonderful gatherings), and now through the internet. We have amazing skills exchange with our good friends Rene and Beke from EXTRA Survival and Bushcraft in Holland, passing skills and ideas across the Atlantic. We have learned so much from them, and love offering skills in return. Recently they have asked us to share some details around atlatls, which is something that we have been teaching to our teen homeschool students, as well as in adult workshops. We spent the morning making videos of atlatl finger loops. It is through sharing and practice that these skills stay alive.

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