Hello my name is Evan Jones and I am going to tell you why your kids should join Laughing Coyote. They teach you so many things like survival skills. They will teach you how to make a fire in less than five minutes with only rocks and they will teach you how to hunt with a stick and a bow. They will also teach you how to be a scout and I don’t mean just any scout, but I mean an Apache Scout. They could be five inches away from you and you wouldn’t notice. They could disappear when you look away for two or three seconds.

Gelsey and Neal will teach you how to identify almost any plant or animal, like how to tell the difference between a Lynx and a Bobcat. A lot of people don’t know the difference.

I love Laughing Coyote. It’s lots of fun. We play a lot of games, and they have youth and teen programs. I have been going to Laughing Coyote for over 4 year and I’m still learning things. Heck, I know of somebody that has been doing these things for sixty years and is still learning. His name is Tom Brown Jr.

Well, I hope this has inspired you to join Laughing Coyote.
Thanks for reading this.
Have a nice day.

Evan Jones
13 years old
Laughing Coyote student since 2007