Summer Camps 2022

Youth Camps -Changes for Summer 2022

LCP Youth Camps are suspended for Summer 2022.

No registration on February 15. No information or waitlist for future Youth Camps at this time.

The warm weather is fast approaching and while families are anticipating summer activities, we wanted to share with all of you some news about our Summer 2022 plans.

We are so grateful for your support of our summer programs. Many of you have been gearing up for the announcement of our summer camps and we realize that this news may come as both a surprise and a disappointment. For this we are truly sorry. This summer we are taking some time to reevaluate the programs that we offer at Laughing Coyote Project. In order to do this, we need some time to make these adjustments, organize and create new programs such as our Teen Expeditions (Big Sky) and Adult Workshops.

We appreciate your understanding that things change and Laughing Coyote continues to grow and evolve. We are excited to be creating and offering new experiences for your families over these next years.

Big Sky Teen Expedition

Leave the high-tech, modern world behind and come immerse yourself in a transformational experience. You will connect to the natural world, other teens, and yourself as you expand your capacities and capabilities. This 16-day, overnight experience will include time at the Fire Willow Farm Homestead, where the tribe will come together and begin to learn the skills of outdoor living, play games, and sing songs; all in preparation for an epic survival adventure. The final week we will head to the breathtaking country around Boulder, Utah and join the world-renowned Boulder Outdoor Survival School (BOSS) for a 7-day traditional lightweight survival trek. This program is for teens who are adventurous, seeking challenges and craving an opportunity to transcend their limitations.

When: July 16-31, 2022

Cost: $2,750.00 (includes all food and transportation)

Who: Co-ed 14-18 year-olds

Where: Fire Willow Farm, Longmont, CO and Boulder, Utah

To receive an application, please email Gelsey and Neal at: [email protected]

This will be a physically demanding program divided into three phases.

Homestead and Foundational Skills

The first part of the expedition will focus on developing the skills of outdoor living at Fire Willow Farm. Teens will sleep outside, cook on the fire, learn how to set up a camp, and work on skills needed for the survival portion of the trip, such as: friction fire, knife skills, and tarp shelters. Gradually throughout this phase we will begin to remove elements of gear as we transition to the light-weight, simple equipment that we will be using in the desert. Additionally, campers will participate in aspects of homestead living, such as gardening, butter making, cheese making, and meat preservation. Part of this food preparation will sustain us for the desert survival portion of the course. We will also focus on physical fitness through active games, calisthenics, running, early morning wake-ups and cold plunges.

Travel Phase

We will get all of our gear organized and drive to Boulder, Utah to meet up with BOSS Instructors.

Desert Survival

In Boulder, Utah we will embark on a 7-day, light-weight, desert survival expedition, based on the BOSS Field Course.  Participants will learn: desert ecology & travel, fire construction, campsite selection, trail hygiene, shelter location and construction options, water location and purification, nature observation skills, basic edible & medicinal plants, and map and compass navigation. We will be eating a simple diet. This portion will give us the opportunity to push past our perceived limitations to begin to uncover our greater potential as human beings.

Return and Celebration:

At the end of our epic adventure, parents will prepare a potluck feast to welcome back their teens. We will share a meal together, tell stories, and celebrate this great accomplishment.

Want to learn more?

Please feel free to send over any questions: we love sharing our educational philosophy, programs, and skills. And we hope to see you around the farm in Boulder County’s beautiful Colorado landscape.

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