Learning from the Land

By Neal Ritter

This summer we traveled to the magical lands of southern Utah for our Teen Trek. Teenagers had spent a week learning primitive skills such as friction fire, gourd canteens, sandal making and more. They learned to construct blanket packs and set up poncho shelters. They became acquainted with the compass.

Then we set out on an epic adventure, to a landscape unique on this planet. They put their skills to the test, cooking over the fire, learning the tracks of packrats and mountain lion, discovering hidden petroglyphs.

Why to we go on these epic journeys, with built in discomfort? For each individual, the answer is different. For me, as we strip away distractions, comfort, and the trappings of our daily life, truths begin to emerge. Similar to traditional rites of passage practices around the world, time in the wilderness gives us space to be authentic, to dream of the future and process the past. We discover unknown strength and the confidence to overcome future challenges.

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