COVID-19 Camp Policy Update

About Us


WE BELIEVE in the interconnectedness of the natural world, the vital strands that link humans and other-than-human beings in reciprocal and cooperative relationship.

WE SEEK the path of true humanness; of health, vitality, community, movement and awareness.

WE LIVE at the intersection of ancestral living skills and modern technology, to forge a lifeway based on our intrinsic connection to the earth.


At the Laughing Coyote Project we participate in our landscape, dive deeply into the rhythms of the natural world and follow the living skills left by ancestral peoples. We play games, run and hide. We use tools of steel, antler, wood and stone. We track the wild animals that infuse our surroundings. We seek a lifeway that embraces the future while honoring the past, to serve as stewards for future generations. We play in all seriousness and practice skills with exuberance. We believe that community is grown slowly and organically through simple authentic human interactions, and welcome adults, families, teens and children to join us. We hunt, forage, garden, compost, build structures, and run barefoot. Our fingernails are dirty and our laughter infectious. Come and join us!