The Laughing Coyote Project was founded in 2007 out of the vision of two people dreaming about connecting our community more closely to the Earth and natural world. As Laughing Coyote has grown and evolved since its inception, we realized that the pursuit of traditional skills and nature awareness were the most effective practices we could develop and cultivate to accomplish this goal. Students at Laughing Coyote, both children and adults, are engaged in the study of ancestral skills, including everything from basketry, animal tracking, bowmaking, stone tools, blacksmithing, to community potlucks and monthly skills jams, with dynamic passion, generosity of knowledge, and an eye towards growing a caretaking approach to the landscape. Our programs are multi-faceted. Youth programs include home school programs that last throughout the school year, teen overnights in every season, and summer camps. Adult programs frequently feature guest instructors, as well as current instructors, bringing to classes the highest quality instruction available.