Welcome To Laughing Coyote Project

The Laughing Coyote Project was founded in 2007 to re-connect children and adults to the earth through primitive skills and nature awareness, just outside of Boulder, CO.  We offer programs throughout the year teaching students through traditional skills, games, nature-based art, and stories. We specialize in a hands-on, dynamic approach that inspires a deep passion for the natural world.


Announcements, 3//1/16: Priority registration is now open for Yearlong Groups. Open Registration begins April 1st.

Announcements, 2/15/16: Summer camp registration is now open. It is going to be a great summer.

Announcements, 2/8/16: Summer Camp Registration begins February 15th. Mark your calendars.


Announcements, 5/27/15: Casey McFarland is coming back for another Wildlife Tracking Eval in October. The last one was a blast, be sure to types viagra delivered in 24 hours join in this year!


Announcements, 4/15/15: New price for Family Camp this summer! Hope you can join us.


Announcements, 3/1/15: New Spring and Summer workshops up. Don't miss out on the fun!

Announcements,2/15/15: Summer camp open for registration.

Announcements, 1/29/15: Interested in applying to be a CIT this summer? Click here to find out more.


Announcements, 1/19/15: Summer camp dates are up. Registration begins February 15th.

Announcements, 12/7/14: Laughing Coyote will be moving to a new site Fall 2015. We are all excited for this next step. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to make this transition. To see how you can help, please click HERE.

Announcements, 10/28/14: New developments are on the horizon, and Laughing Coyote needs your support! Click here to see the many ways you can help us grow and flourish.


Announcements, 10/28/14: What makes Laughing Coyote tick? look at our new page, What are Primitive Skills.

Announcements, 10/19/14: Be sure to check out our upcoming workshops.

Announcements, 4/28/14: Casey McFarland is coming back in October to again to run a wildlife tracking program. Don't miss out!

Announcements, 3/21/14: Neal has an article in the click now current issue of Holistic Parenting Magazine. Check it out.

Announcements, 1/21/14: Adult workshops are open for registration. We are excited for a variety of great classes.

Announcements, 1/21/14: Sam Ritter is running a series of classes at Jax Mercantile in Lafayette. Contact him directly for details: sam@laughingcoyoteproject.org.

February 9 — Primitive Fire, 9am - 3pm
February 16 — Primitive Hunting, 9am - 3pm
February 23 — Primitive Traps, 9am - Noon

Announcements, 12/30/13: Summer Camps 2014 are open! They fill up fast, so be sure to sign up.

Announcements, 9/30/13: Two new workshops for the fall: Flintknapping Arrowheads and Teen Blacksmithing. Hope you can join us!

Announcements, 9/23/13: Yearlong groups start this week. We are gearing up for another full and follow link viagra 6 free samples exciting year.

Announcements, 4/21/13: New Adult Workshop in June-Animal Processing with guest instructor Myron Cretney!


Announcements, 4/18/13: Laughing Coyote is now offering custom programs for schools and groups. Check them out.