Tracking and the Mind of the Hunter Gatherer

When: July 22-28 2018

Where: Colorado Wilderness

Cost: $750

Deposit: $250

Instructors: Casey McFarland and Neal Ritter

Minimum age: 18


This summer, deep in the Colorado backcountry, in the land of bear and elk, we will be embarking on a tracking journey. We will travel through a diverse wilderness, learning the tracks and sign of the wild residents. We will find the trails of larger animals, and find the flow of trailing. To look through the eyes of our hunter and gatherer ancestors, we will fish the pristine streams, and forage for wild edibles. At night, around the fire, we will tell stories of nature and wildness.

Join Casey McFarland and Neal Ritter on an epic tracking expedition in the Rocky Mountains. This will be an unforgettable week of tracking in wilderness. Participants will need to be prepared for a physically demanding experience, we will backpack several miles into a base camp, and each day will cover miles, many off trail, in our search for wildlife trails and sign. Each person will be self-sufficient with their own personal backcountry gear, including food, so we can focus our energy on sharing and learning as much as the landscape offers.

This is a course for wildlife enthusiasts, trackers, hunters, photographers and lovers of nature. There will be time to unpack the skills of tracking in trailing in an immersive context, and apply these lessons daily.

We hope you will join us on this opportunity to see the wilderness through new eyes.