Sandal Making

When: Saturday, February 24 2018, 9am-5pm

Where: Fire Willow Farm, Longmont, CO

Cost: $100 including materials

Deposit: $50

Instructors: Neal Ritter and Gelsey Malferrari


Making footwear is exciting, empowering, and a huge step for self-reliance. We are very passionate about making shoes of all kinds, correct shoes are essential for a healthy body and natural movement. We wear these sandals daily for nearly six months of every year, they have traveled internationally and into the wilderness.

In this workshop participants will learn about design, working with inexpensive and durable conveyor belt, and make a pair of “sport” style sandals, uniquely designed to their own feet. Once you make one pair, they will last for years, and you will be confident to make yourself a second pair.