Wildlife Tracking

With Casey McFarland

Saturday and Sunday August 12th and 13th 2017
Northern Front Range
8-5pm each day
minimum age 18
Cost: $225

Learning to uncover the secrets of the animals around us opens our eyes to the natural world in a profound and exciting way. Join guest instructor Casey McFarland of Recalling Wild, a Senior Tracker and Tracking Evaluator through CyberTracker Conservation, to unlock the mysteries of the natural world. Within each one of us lies the blueprint of our hunter gatherer ancestors, and the practice of tracking fulfills a desire to connect to nature that many of us barely realize is there.

The format of this course is an evaluation. After years of studying tracking with many different methodologies, we believe that the evaluation format of this course is the best suited for an immersive learning environment. At the end of the program, participants understand which areas are important to work on, and new realms of wildlife behavior are opened. This is not merely an evaluation, many facets of tracking of comprehensively covered, from gaits and foot morphology to scat, marking patterns and life cycles of wildlife.