Earth Skills Weekend

May 26th through 28th, 2017 4pm Friday – 3pm Sunday

Families – all ages

Lykins Gulch Farm
$175 for one; $25 for each additional

The practice of ancestral living skills is deeply empowering and transformative. Coaxing fire into life through friction is an achievement that directly links us to our evolutionary blueprint. Crafting tools, containers and cordage and gathering food from the landscape alters our vision to see more deeply into our surroundings.

This weekend course is an opportunity to reclaim your birthright. We will cover friction fire, cordage, containers, and other practices of living simply outdoors. This is an overnight course, all participants are responsible for their own tent and food. A communal fire will be provided for cooking and evening skills. For both beginners and advanced practitioners of primitive skills, there will be projects that will push all of us to develop our skills more fully.

Family at Laughing Coyote

Our passion for primitive skills extends beyond the “hard skills” or arts and crafts, but looks to envelop every aspect of living. To this end, families, couples, elders and single adult are integral to our community. We believe that these skills are transformative for adults, but imagine what it would be like to grow up where friction fire was “normal”. Imagine the tracks of animals and the myriad unfoldings of edible plants were imbedded deep within your psyche. Raising a culture of children who can observe adults in the practice of authentic work, to play with their peers outside, and marvel and find comfort in the skills our ancestors practiced for millennia is essential to our vision. Children and families are invite to attend all Laughing Coyote courses, with only a couple of exceptions. However, parents must parent, this is not a free-for-all, and some workshops are not conducive to children’s direct participation, but they are welcome to come and play.