Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Laughing Coyote Project welcomes students who are motivated to learn wilderness and nature education skills, are healthy and are socially responsible. We will deny admission to anyone we believe to be unable to meet the safety demands of our courses. We will expel any student who exhibits behavior that is unsafe or disrupts from the educational mission of a course. If a student is expelled, there will be no refund.

Laughing Coyote Project cancellation/credit and transfer policies are based on our investment in staff, course planning, as well as food and equipment purchases before your course. We cannot recover our expenses if you cancel. Short-notice cancellations often prevent others from attending.


If you cancel or leave a program for any reason:
1) 15 or more days prior to the course starting date; you are entitled to a full refund, minus the $100 registration fee.
2) Between 8 and 14 days prior to the course starting date, Laughing Coyote Project will retain 50 percent of the tuition.
3) Fewer than 8 days prior to the course starting date and once the course has begun, there will be no refunds.

Transfer Policy

If you transfer from one program to another:
1. 15 or more days prior to the program starting date – no additional charges. Tuition is fully transferable.
2. 14 days or less prior to the program starting date, regular cancellation and refund charges will apply.

Although we rarely need to do so, we reserve the right to cancel a course or change a course duration, tuition or location.